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By admin | September 17th, 2011

My son forwarded me an article from CNBC titles ” The 10 most hated jobs in America” and guess what job made number 1?  ‘Director of Information Technology’http://kkcb.com/new-survey-reveals-the-10-most-hated-jobs-in-america/

This may come as a surprise to a few people but not to me because I talk to to a lot of IT directors and most are faced with difficult challenges and often tasked with impossible goals.  the economy in this country has still not recovered from the last crisis and most businesses have reduced their expenses to a minimum, including their technology expenses  This has forced many companies to reduce or totally eliminate their IT staff  but the needs for expertise and assistance within most organizations is as high as ever.  IT directors are tasked with projects but often not provided with a budget nor manpower to accomplish the mission, resulting in intense frustration from all parties involved.  Many workers take their frustration on IT workers because they believe that they are directly responsible for them not being able to access the latest technologies.  It is true that IT workers sometimes project elitist behaviors and this doesn’t help but the core of the problem is management’s lack of understanding of what IT is all about and this creates a lot of mi-expectations for everyone.

~ Gerard


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