Community & People

C ommunity

Technical Support International has a long-standing, rich history of serving its community - through hands on involvement and charitable giving. We take pride in the collaborative efforts and spirit that our company brings to its annual campaign during the holidays, which brings toys to teen-aged children in need in the Foxboro community. We work closely with local partners in this effort and our employees are personally involved in buying gifts as well as contributing to the giving campaign in its organizing.

Technical Support International continues to extend itself to the community in meaningful ways.

G iving Back

TSI proudly supports the following charities

  • kdc-logo-a
    Kennedy Donovan Center

    Kennedy Donovan Center is a nonprofit organization that supports people with developmental delays, disabilities or family challenges to pursue their personal potential and success in the community. They provide a wide range of effective supports to individuals and families through prevention, advocacy and intervention services that are person-centered, innovative, and compassionate. For over 20 years, TSI has helped the KDC by participating on their board and by regularly donating to its diverse set of different community programs.

    For more information about the KDC and how to help the communities it serves, please refer to

  • rodman-for-kids-logo-a
    Rodman Ride for Kids

    Rodman for Kids is an umbrella charity raising funds for youth-focused social-service organizations that support at-risk children in Massachusetts. Rodman for Kids and its affiliated charities fundraise year-round, culminating with the Ride for Kids event, a 25 and 50-mile noncompetitive cycling tour, each fall. Our mission is to have every kid in our community live as we would want our own kids to live.

    For more information about Rodman Ride for Kids please refer to

  • fox-borough-logo-a
    Foxboro Discretionary Fund

    As long time Foxboro residents, we welcome any opportunity to help the less fortunate members of our community during some of their most challenging times- notably the holidays. Each year, we help assemble and distribute donations to the Foxboro Discretionary Fund and have incrementally increased our efforts year after year to now serve the needs of 13 Foxboro families with the intent of reaching 20 by next year’s holiday season.

    For more information about the fund and how you can help, please visit:

  • gillys-logo-a
    Gillys House

    Gilly’s House is a residential program for young men who have struggled with addiction and want to continue with their recovery. As a means of helping these individuals transition into the workforce, TSI and in conjunction with a number of different business partners, provide computer hardware to help train these individuals and prepare them for the next phase of their recovery.

    To learn more about Gilly’s House’s mission, please refer to their site at

P eople

Technical Support International’s values have always started by putting its people first. It is our belief that our employees are our greatest asset, and when we recognize the uniqueness of each person and his or her talent, then the entire organization benefits and so too does our community at large. As a leadership team, we show our employees that we truly care about their well-being and we do that by modeling our core values day in, and day out. We do this by treating each other with respect, kindness and equality in the workplace.

In addition to providing competitive, fair and equitable pay, TSI provides advanced and comprehensive benefits plans including matching contributions:

  • Our wellness programs are designed to incentive and reward team and individual accomplishments.
  • Our corporate health challenge is in its second iteration, and Technical Support International employees compete using an animated app in teams towards wellness goals - and they have a great time along the way.
  • Our annual wellness rewards program is designed to offer our employees with an array of choices, that in addition to our on-site exercise equipment, provides employees with wellness choices from which they may choose to reach personal targets and then receive additional rewards.

Technical Support International continues explore creative total rewards options to promote well-being and to engage with our employees. We do this to show our employees that we recognize and appreciate their many contributions and that we truly do care about their well-being.