Virus & Malware Protection

W hat's the difference: Viruses vs. Malware

Why You Need to Protect Yourself From Both

Technology Support International’s virus and malware protection services provide advanced features required to address today’s most common cyber threats and the verification of controls demanded from most regulatory agencies (CMMC, PCI, GDPR). Not only does this safeguard against common cyber-attacks, but unlike any other solution on the market, it also includes ransomware detectiondetailed threat analysis, real-time security health scores, data loss prevention, download reputation, and application controls. These powerful features enable administrators to efficiently and proactively mitigate the threat of cyber attacks, ensuring the continuity of your business operations and data integrity.

Malware & Malware Protection

Malicious Software

Malware is a broad term encompassing various types of malicious software designed to harm or exploit a computer system. It includes viruses, but it also includes other forms of malicious software like spyware, trojans, and ransomware.

Virus & Virus Protection

A Type of Malware

A computer virus is a type of malware that attaches itself to legitimate programs or files and spreads when those programs or files are executed. Viruses often require human interaction to spread, such as sharing infected files or using infected programs.

T he Importance of Virus and Malware Protection

How Malware Can Impact Your Organization

Ensuring virus and malware protection measures is vital to reduce the risks your organizations faces. Neglecting proper protection leaves systems vulnerable to things including data loss, unauthorized access, and compromised integrity. Malware, particularly advanced forms like ransomware, can lead to severe financial losses as organizations may be coerced into paying hefty ransoms to recover essential data. Additionally, compromised systems can serve as gateways for further cyberattacks, potentially leading to widespread network breaches. With Technical Support International's managed antivirus and antimalware solutions, you can keep your organization protected from all ends.

H ow TSI Keeps Your Organization and Data Safe

What Our Team Can Do For You

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware detection involves identifying the presence of ransomware on a system or network before it can cause any costly damage. TSI’s managed anti-virus and anti-malware provides AI solutions, using deep learning to secure your operations around the clock.

Threat Analysis

Threat analysis involves the systematic examination/assessment of potential risks and vulnerabilities to understand, anticipate, and counteract emerging cyber threats. If a threat is detected within your organization, TSI will take action and notify you.

Real Time Security

Real-time security refers to the implementation of proactive and instantaneous measures to detect, prevent, and respond to any and all security threats as they occur. With TSI's 24/7 monitoring, your organization is always safe.

Data Loss Prevention

TSI’s managed anti-virus and anti-malware services ensure secured data across the entire network, right down to individual devices. This prevents unauthorized access, sharing, and leakage of sensitive information - keeping your organization safe.

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Increase Your Cybersecurity Posture & Decrease Workload

Are you uncertain if your organization is adequately equipped to address today’s increasingly volatile cyber threat landscape? When you partner with Technical Support International, you can be assured that we’re keeping your organization protected against today’s cyber threats by leveraging the industry’s most powerful antivirus and antimalware solutions.


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V irus and Malware Protection Services

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