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Strategizing your CMMC plan of action

Alongside our partner CyberSaint, we will discuss helpful strategies that will prepare you for a successful CMMC implementation including:

  • Determining your appropriate level for CMMC compliance, and what is required of your organization

  • What is involved in a gap assessment for CMMC, including system scanning, data analysis, and report development

  • Remediation development tips including how to approach policy

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W hitepapers

Cyber Security Policy Starter Kit: 10 Critical Policies That Every Company Should Have in Place

Today’s cyber security climate is more volatile than ever and the volume of potential threats your organization will be exposed to is only going to increase as time goes on. This eBook pulled directly from our toolbox here at TSI and has been modified to use as a starting point for creating the cyber security policies for your business.

  • Outlines of the 10 most relevant security policies for SMBs

  • Instructions on what to include and how to implement these in your organization

  • Sample policies for password complexity, remote access, written information security (WISP), and more

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B usiness It Blog

Employer Support of the Guard (ESGR) Awards TSI and It’s CEO

Technical Support International (TSI) is proud of its history of supporting our country’s armed forces, veterans, service members and military families. We have been fortunate with continued growth in our cybersecurity practice area and these accomplishments are not made possible without our core team of talented employees. Many of our employees have dutifully served our country and continue to be called upon at a moment’s notice. Their dedication and commitment ...
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TSI Employee Spotlight: Seema Bonner

We’re extremely excited to introduce the newest member of the TSI team, Seema Bonner! Seema hails from Jamaica and has been in the IT industry for over 8 years, gaining experience working independently and with various start-up companies in and around Boston. Seema looks forward to working at TSI to help her continue advancing her technical career and learn from the best in the industry.  Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment ...
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