Penetration Testing Services

W hat is Penetration Testing?

How Penetration Testing Can Benefit Your Organization

Organizations need penetration testing services for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to address your compliance obligations or as a vendor-driven requirement, by simulating real-world cyber attacks, Technical Support International's (TSI) penetration testing services uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your network, applications, and systems. Identifying these flaws allows organizations to proactively address them before malicious actors exploit them, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and other disruptions.

T he Two Types of Penetration Testing

Assessing Your Network Inside & Out

External Testing Services

Assessing Outward-Facing Assets

External penetration testing assesses the outward-facing assets for an organization. This is when an assessor would try to gain access into your internal network, for example, by leveraging certain vulnerabilities that can be exploited. They may also try to gain access to sensitive data by way of things like email, your website and even file sharing services.

Internal Testing Services

Assessing Your Network

Internal penetration testing services aim to figure out how far an attacker can move THROUGH your network once that internal breach has occurred. So if external testing is all about figuring out how someone might get into the network in the first place, internal testing is about assessing the damage that can happen once that has already occurred.

W hen Do You Need Penetration Testing?

And Why You Will Need It

Penetration testing is needed when an organization wants to assess the effectiveness of its cybersecurity defenses by simulating real-world cyberattacks. It helps identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems, networks, and applications, allowing proactive remediation before malicious actors exploit these weaknesses. Organizations typically conduct penetration testing when:

Implementing new systems and/or applications to ensure they are secure before deployment.

Making significant changes to existing infrastructure or applications to validate security posture.

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Complying with a range of regulatory requirements that mandate regular security assessments and testing.

Evaluating the overall cybersecurity resilience and readiness of the organization against evolving threats.

Demonstrating an organization's commitment to security to customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Penetration testing is typically performed on an annual basis once you've addressed "low hanging fruit" vulnerabilities and have applied cybersecurity industry best practices. From that starting point, penetration testing can delve deeper into identifying potential vulnerabilities from multiple angles, ensuring that you have adequate robust cybersecurity solutions that address your security or compliance needs.

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