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O ur vCIO/vCISO Services

Between daily tasks and an ever-evolving cybersecurity business technology landscape, it’s easy to lose touch with the latest technological offerings available to ensure your IT and business objectives are aligned. Our outsourced vCIO/vCISO services provide organizations with the resources needed to not only identify opportunities but create a scalable program that incorporates today’s industry best practices.

t SI’s vCIO/vCISO Program

As a trusted advisor, the vCISO helps you understand how proposed security controls will impact business operations, finances and technology. This is a vital step in ensuring that a specific security approach offers you the best ROI. We help align security programs with business priorities to assist organizations seeking to meet relevant legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. We provide the guidance and heavy lifting you require to elevate your current security strategy. V-CISO service is flexible in both scope and timespan, precluding the need to hire a full time CISO.

TSI vCIO/vCISO Service Overview vCIO/vCISO
Executive Kick-off Meeting
Monthly Onsite Executive Meeting Attendance
Monthly Executive Summary Report
Creation of Annual and 3 Year Plan
Technology Resources Forecasting
Regulatory Compliance Review & Planning
Annual Technology Trends Report Presentation
Process Improvement Consulting
Policy & Strategic Planning
Security & Information Assurance Consulting
TSI vCIO/vCISO Service Overview Variable Services
Project Planning & Coordination of Implementation
Ad Hoc/ On Demand Consulting
Service Rendered Outside vCIO/vCISO Engagement

v CIO/vCISO Areas of Expertise

TSI’s vCIO/vCISO program help maintain the long-term alignment between your business objectives to your technology strategy. Whether you’re trying to strategically forecast your organization’s technology resources or plan the implementation of your respective compliance program, our vCIO/vCISO offering is designed to make the most of your IT investments by providing  a collaborative service partner that truly understands your business.

Technology Needs Forecasting & Strategic Planning

Managing IT Risks Against Business Objectives

GRC Auditing Guidance and Leadership

IT Operations Analysis

Project Management

Compliance Program Management & GRC Policy/Process Development

O ur vCIO/vCISO Service Delivery Process

‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’

As the old adage goes, ‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’, couldn’t be more accurate, especially in the world of IT. As today’s technological landscape evolves and demands more of your time and resources to adequately address, it’s nearly impossible to stay ahead of the curve to ensure you’re making the best, most informed IT decisions that will drive your organization’s growth. TSI’s vCIO/vCISO service delivery process approaches your respective IT objectives by developing a comprehensive, well-thought plan from proof of concept through execution, all in accordance with established industry best practices.

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A re vCIO/vCISO Services for You?

  • You want to be able to keep up with the rapid evolution of cybersecurity and business technology.

  • You have GRC (CMMC, HIPAA, NYCA, PCI, etc.) Requirements.

  • You want to make sure that the changes that are being experienced are properly aligned with both their short and long-term objectives as a business.

  • You’re looking for any and all opportunities to maximize IT return on investment, decrease operational inefficiencies and expenses, and are willing to collaborate with an industry expert in order to do so.

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As leaders in the MSP/MSSP space, it’s of the utmost importance that we routinely update our clients to the fast-changing world of business IT. We offer a wide variety of digital content that speaks to many of the most common questions and areas of focus we encounter on a daily basis. From understanding the value of applying a vCIO/vCISO solution to your organization to addressing highly technical yet common IT issues, we’re here to help navigate those challenges so you can focus on your business and empower your team.

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