End-User Security Awareness Training

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Keeping Your Organization Informed

The most effective way to combat cyber-crime is to train your employees how to proactively identify cyber-threats. Technical Support International (TSI) provides extensive employee cybersecurity awareness training that includes regular CBT sessions as well as phishing simulation training, to help your employees better safeguard your critical digital assets and ensure they’re maintaining a healthy degree of awareness to the most common cyber-threat actor methodologies.

S trengthen Your Security Profile with Ease

What End-User Security Awareness Training Can Do For You

Cybersecurity training is the cornerstone of any cybersecurity strategy that can significantly improve your cybersecurity posture. Our team at TSI can develop a program tailored to your cybersecurity and compliance requirements that will help ensure that your employees understand and can adapt to today’s cyber-threat landscape.

Keep Users Informed

Investing in end-user security awareness provides the assurance that your employees know how best to combat today’s most common cyber threats. Providing your organization with a comprehensive training program is an easy solution that can significantly improve your cybersecurity posture and drastically reduce the chances of a costly breach. Contact us today to get started,

Return on Investment

Security awareness training is arguably the best cybersecurity investment you can make that significantly minimizes your chances of experiencing a breach. Although there are a myriad of different -and very costly- cybersecurity solutions that can help protect your organization against cyber threats, security awareness training is an extremely cost-effective solution that arguably provides the highest ROI.

Strengthen Your Security

When end-users are aware of their impact to your organization’s security posture and are trained to combat cyber threats, your organization’s posture improves exponentially. In addition to this, security awareness training also fulfills a number of compliance controls (eg. DFARS 7012, PCI, HIPAA), and is a common requirement from insurance companies that helps reduce cyber insurance costs.

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“TSI is important to us because we need to have a single platform and a single partner to be able to manage all our IT services. We have a great relationship and we have done a great job to be working hand in hand to make sure that we are successful."

RENAUD MEGARD / President & CEO, NFI Corp
New Bedford, Massachusetts

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End user security awareness training is a vital component of any organization's cybersecurity strategy. It aims to educate employees about potential security risks and best practices to mitigate them, creating a culture of security within the organization. Click the button below to get in touch so we can discuss the next steps toward developing an end user security awareness solution tailored to your specific needs.