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W hat is Firewall Management?

How Firewall Management Works
At its essence, a firewall is a network traffic monitoring device governed by security rules. These rules dictate whether to permit or deny specific devices or traffic. As a primary defense layer, proactive management and effective tools are crucial for optimal firewall performance. Technical Support International (TSI) merges its security proficiency with fully managed firewall capabilities, offering 24/7/365 IT support to protect your network environment from malicious traffic.

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“TSI is important to us because we need to have a single platform and a single partner to be able to manage all our IT services. We have a great relationship and we have done a great job to be working hand in hand to make sure that we are successful."

RENAUD MEGARD / President & CEO, NFI Corp
New Bedford, Massachusetts

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If you're in need of firewall management services, the team at TSI is here to help. We assist with all aspects of firewall management, including auditing and log monitoring. To get started with firewall management and a wide range of other cybersecurity services, contact us today!