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The ability to access information anywhere or at any time is becoming the norm for today’s organizations. Regardless of the company size, organizations can leverage the cloud hosting to scale, sharing and accessing their files without compromising network security or functionality. Learn more about the benefits of cloud hosting, as well as how to get started on cloud migration with Technical Support International.


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Anticipate Increased Spending on Cloud Backup Solutions


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U nderstanding Cloud Services

Seamless cloud migrations and managed hosting services play a pivotal role in the modern business landscape, offering organizations the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency required to thrive. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based solutions, the ability to seamlessly transition data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud has become a critical aspect of strategic IT planning. Check out what makes Technical Support International a top IT partner for cloud migrations and hosting.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services encompass Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), offering diverse computing resources over the internet. IaaS provides virtualized infrastructure components, allowing businesses to scale resources dynamically. PaaS streamlines application development by providing a platform with development tools and more. SaaS delivers software applications via subscription, eliminating the need for local installations. These services collectively offer flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

What are Cloud Migrations?

Cloud migrations are the reallocation of data, applications, IT processes, and more from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud environment. By migrating to the cloud, organizations gain the ability to dynamically scale resources based on demand, optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness. This flexibility allows businesses to respond rapidly to changing requirements, ensuring that IT infrastructure aligns seamlessly with evolving needs. Additionally, cloud migration reduces the burden of physical infrastructure project management, enabling greater focus on core business functions.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Managed cloud hosting is a method of hosting websites or applications on virtual servers that draw computing resources from a vast network of physical servers, typically managed by a third-party. Unlike traditional hosting on one physical server, cloud hosting distributes the load across multiple servers, enhancing reliability and ensuring high availability. This allows for an unmatched level of scalability and much more, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing needs while cutting costs significantly. With our hosting options, your business/organization can overcome any challenges.

M icrosoft Office 365 Migration and Hosting

Why Migrate to Office 365

Organizations looking to take advantage of a low cost dependable alternative to upgrading traditional on premise hardware are looking for Office 365. Though not a suitable solution for every environment, Technical Support International can help determine if it’s the most appropriate solution for your organization. As your partner, we also facilitate the transition to this cloud based platform.

M icrosoft Azure Migration and Hosting

Why Migrate to Azure

For organizations looking for a flexible and scalable infrastructure, Microsoft Azure can easily manage and deploy applications or web services. Alongside the pre-built tools and templates, Microsoft Azure makes it easy to scale, test, and deploy applications anywhere, anytime, with the reliability of enterprise level SLAs and 24/7 support. To get started with Azure, contact TSI and learn more about how we can help.

A WS Migration and Hosting

Why Migrate to AWS

As a partner to one of the industry’s leading AWS services organizations (Mission Cloud), TSI helps clients develop their AWS environments, host their environments, manage migrations, and provide ongoing technical or advisory support. As your strategic IT partner, we’re readily available to address the AWS needs and their respective compliance, security, architectural or support requirements.

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“We used TSI to implement a backup solution that would safeguard our aging network infrastructure against significant downtime. Months later our SQL server crashed leaving our entire operation at a standstill. TSI matched our expectations for uptime with a true business continuity solution that had us back up and running in under an hour. TSI’s understanding of our needs and their responsiveness are the reason I continue to work with TSI."

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Cloud migration and hosting can alter the course of your company, providing you with the necessary technology to reach your true potential. If your business is ready to leverage everything the cloud has to offer, Technical Support International is your best bet. As your partner, we will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today to ger started.