Leadership Team

Jeremy Louise

Vice President Sales & Business Development

Jeremy Louise serves as Technical Support International’s VP of Sales and Business Development. In this role, Jeremy is responsible for all of TSI’s new business and plays a central role in the vision and overall strategic direction at TSI. His personal and professional experience growing up in the family business not only contribute to TSI’s continued success, but its emphasis on understanding SMB needs and the technology solutions needed to accomplish their objectives. Prior to his role as VP Sales, Jeremy earned his MBA from UIBS Belgium and his bachelor’s degree from Hobart College in Geneva NY. When not working with clients helping navigate today’s constantly changing technology landscape, he is out on the water fly fishing.

Jeremy Louise Stories

How to Find Your NIST 800-171 & CMMC Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide to Determine Your Compliance Requirements from Your Primes and Clients.

By Jeremy Louise | August 23, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: “How do I know if I need to be compliant with either the NIST 800-171 or CMMC frameworks?” The bottom line is that if you possess controlled unclassified information (CUI) then your organization – with the exception of commercial off the shelf (COTS) companies – will likely have to fulfill these compliance requirements. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear to many…


What You’re Likely Missing about CMMC Compliance: Lessons from an MSP’s CMMC Readiness Review Assessment

By Jeremy Louise | August 3, 2021

We had a great webinar with our partners at NQA pertaining to our experience undergoing a CMMC 3 Readiness Review Assessment. We’ve conveniently recorded it HERE in case you missed it, so you can learn about some of the most overlooked aspects of a CMMC implementation including an overview of what it takes to become certification-ready. We hope our webinar helped address some of our audiences’ lingering questions about the assessment process…


We Don’t Learn From Our Mistakes: 2020’s Most Popular Passwords

By Jeremy Louise | July 23, 2021

After a series of high-profile breaches, we wanted to update an article we developed a few years ago about some of the disturbing trends we continue to see with end user password behaviors. It’s fair to assume that a strong password is one of the most important security tools that any user can employ to minimize the chances of a breach, but we unfortunately see that users oftentimes continue to…


Recent Data Breach: Historic Credentials Leak

By Jeremy Louise | June 25, 2021

More often than ever, we are hearing about large-scale ransomware attacks with devastating effects. Today, we wanted to bring to your attention a recent password and credentials leak which is being described as the largest breach in history. This breach has leaked over 3.2 billion passwords and includes 26 million compromised account log-in credentials for a number of popular sites including Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. Learn more about the…


TSI Employee Spotlight: Jonall Cobble

By Jeremy Louise | June 21, 2021

We’re thrilled to spotlight Jo Cobble, our most recent addition to TSI’s security and compliance team! Jo started her cybersecurity career while serving in the Navy and over the years has earned a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Management in addition to attaining an impressive set of certifications that include but are certainly not limited to CISSP, SSCP, and CEH. We’re excited to welcome Jo to our team…


TSI Achieves CMMC Level 3 Compliance Readiness Review

By Jeremy Louise | May 27, 2021

Technical Support International (TSI), an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), has successfully undergone a CMMC Level 3 Readiness Review conducted by registered C3PAO C.H. Guernsey & Company (Guernsey) and was overseen by Timothy Fawcett, a registered Provisional Assessor.  The CMMC Level 3 Readiness Review demonstrated TSI’s ability to produce the required objective evidence to confirm our ability to fulfill CMMC Level 3 technical components,…