Two Technologies To Transform Your Business Operations

By admin | December 21st, 2015

For better or worse, technology is changing the way people do business. The same technologies that allow your employees to increase their productivity and efficiency also enables them to stay constantly connected. With advancements in mobile computing, not being physically at your desk is no longer a valid reason for being unable to complete at least some of your daily responsibilities. Work/life balance conundrums aside (and that is a frequent discussion whenever mobile computing comes in to play), these advances in workplace tech are huge, and companies of all sizes are beginning to look toward the future to see where they can improve their existing infrastructure and take advantage of these new tools.

This week, we’re taking a look at two components contributing to the evolution of a more mobile and dynamic workplace that are gaining ground and can place your company on more efficient footing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

If there was one piece of technology that changed the workplace environment profoundly, it would be Cloud Computing. With the ability to access email, documents, and data anywhere, anytime, cloud computing is becoming a cornerstone of a successful business infrastructure. As the technology behind cloud computing continues to be refined, so too does the technology behind protecting the data that is stored there. From two-factor authentication to sophisticated encryption tools, users can now be confident that their business data – while easily accessible to those who need it, is also very secure.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

While Cloud Computing is an integral part of daily operations from a data management side, VoIP takes the cake on the telephonic communications side. There are a whole slew of VoIP providers out there today, but the basic principles across each one remain the same – they are telephone services available via the Internet which allow for integration into other aspects of your business – such as emailing, web conferencing, and overall network infrastructure. In the early days of this technology it got a bad rap as some calls were glitchy and distorted – but as the technology has developed so has the call quality and its ability to function seamlessly across your technology infrastructure.

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