Preventative Maintenance Is Right For Every Company

By admin | April 7th, 2015

There are two approaches to maintaining your IT infrastructure – cross your fingers and hope it all works out, and then shell out for assistance when a virus takes over or a computer crashes; or invest in resources that will keep everything running smoothly. Many medium to large sized companies have an IT department in place or have hired a company (like TSI!) to take care of their IT issues and to handle Preventative Maintenance, but smaller companies may not see the need. After all, if they’ve got their computers – whether it’s five or fifty – hooked up to the Internet and have some anti-virus software running, what could possibly go wrong?

The answer is a lot.

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense to spend money maintaining systems that have nothing wrong with them or are brand new, by neglecting to perform regular maintenance you could be facing much larger problems in the future if and when something does go wrong.

A system failure that affects every computer in the company – even if there is only a small number of computers – or causes significant data loss could ultimately cost a company a substantial amount of money to replace equipment, rectify problems, or recover data. Conversely, by proactively monitoring system conditions and threats, you will be able to mitigate problems before they occur, and if there is a problem – such as a virus – confine it before it affects the entire company.

Preventative Maintenance also serves another purpose – to ensure the longevity of equipment. Manufacturers generally support their equipment with warranties for a limited time, but by engaging a team to perform preventative maintenance you can extend the life of your systems. In addition to keeping your systems running quickly and efficiently, preventative maintenance will also provide the opportunity to replace components of a system bit by bit to keep things running smoothly or to upgrade it, rather than needing to replace the entire system at once when it fails.

At TSI we provide our clients with three options for preventative maintenance; I-Watch, I-Mediate, and I-Manage. Click the image below to download a PDF of what each of the three plans cover in its entirety.

TSI Managed Service Plans - Servers

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