Is Your Tech Summer Ready?

By admin | June 18th, 2015

Spring and Summer are synonymous with transformation – flowers blooming, vacation planning,  and everyone getting into the spirit of Spring Cleaning. It’s also the time when academic calendars flip over to a new year, signaling a “fresh start” for establishing goals for your organization.

One of those goals – and initiatives – should be to ensure your IT infrastructure is “Summer Ready” to handle the remote work, as well as the heat. Sure, that’s a term that’s usually thrown around when people are discussing beach plans, but IT needs just as much attention – maybe even more – to ensure it’s running properly and that severe summer weather doesn’t wreak havoc on your plans.

Environmental Control: 

Most of the country will be facing hot and humid weather – and it is harshest for electronics. In fact, computers typically do not perform well at all in humid conditions, and while it may be fine for a day or two, long-standing humidity can cause significant damage to your equipment.

Similarly, electronics – like cars – can overheat and shut down when conditions get too hot, this is especially true of servers, which are often kept in very small closed-off spaces. For optimal performance, ensure your equipment is stored in a cool, temperature controlled, dry environment.  Also check that the server fans are clear – both of dust and of obstructions (such as walls) that may inhibit their effectiveness for cooling the machine down. You should also consider:

  • Checking your air conditioning to ensure they’re working properly both during business hours, as well as at night and during weekends
  • Purchase a dehumidifier (if needed) to keep the server room dry
  • Regularly check air filters on your air conditioner and the dehumidifier to maintain dust-free zones

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: 

This time of year can also deliver severe weather conditions across the country. In areas which experience extreme drought, consider how quickly it can lead to wildfires that spread and damage buildings. In others, there are tornados, severe thunderstorms, floods, or hurricanes.

Wherever you’re business is headquartered, chances are you’re likely to experience some form of severe weather during the spring and summer; this is why it is so important to take a look at your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. Especially if this is the only time of year your company is at risk of losing power or suffering damage.

Remember to have a backup battery system for your equipment – including the age and functionality of the system, as well as running a test. A power outage is most likely to occur during severe storms that can cause your power to flicker or go out temporarily. Having a backup battery will help protect your servers and equipment from power surges and will keep your equipment running until you are able to safely power it down during an outage or until it is restored.


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