How Windows Server 2003 End Of Life Could Affect Your Company

By admin | May 13th, 2015

Hopefully, it comes as no surprise to you to hear that as of July 14, 2015 Microsoft will be ending all support onWindows Server 2003/R2. You may think that continuing to run Server 2003 won’t have any negative ramifications to your business, but that is patently untrue. Whether you’re looking at it from a financial, logistical, or compliance standpoint it simply isn’t prudent to continue to run outdated and unsupported equipment.

Microsoft Server 2003


Once a piece of equipment is phased out of support by the manufacturer, it can take a lot of extra resources to keep it up and running properly. Whether it’s simply upgrading and updating parts to keep it functioning (after all, a Windows 2003 server could be over a decade old!) or purchasing new software – such as intrusion detection or advanced firewalls – migrating to a newer server will prove to be the less expensive option over the long run.


From compatibility issues with an unsupported piece of equipment to the lack of updates and patches, continuing to run Server 2003 is going to be quite difficult. If you’re wondering how big the impact could be, consider this: in 2013 Microsoft released 37 critical updates for Server 2003/R2 – but when it officially comes to end of life those updates will no longer be available, which puts your systems at serious security risk.


The chances of passing a compliance audit while running out-of-date, unsupported technology is slim to none, and if your company is in an industry where compliance is key, this could be a make or break factor.

If your company is working with a Server 2003 that’s about to reach end of life, TSI can assist you in migrating to a new server – from planning the migration to procuring the equipment and maintaining it throughout its lifecycle.  Give us a call at (508) 543-6979 and let us tell you how we can help you avoid being caught out whenMicrosoft Windows Server 2003/R2 hits its end-of-life date on July 14.

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