Bluetooth? What it is and what it is used for?

By admin | November 20th, 2012

We get many questions about Bluetooth devices these days.  Many people recognize the term and associate it with some communication “thingie” in their phones or cars but what does Bluetooth really does?  I found a great article and I reposting it…

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Bluetooth devices are becoming widely used. A Bluetooth device is a short-range signal that allows communication between wireless devices. Some of the devices that can be controlled via Bluetooth are cell phones, PDAs, handheld computers, wireless computers, printers, keyboards, and wireless mouse.

With cell phones you can turn on the Bluetooth enabled phone and it can quickly connect to the Bluetooth headset. A wireless mouse works basically the same way. In order to maintain the wireless connection however, you need to remain within approximately 10 meters to one another.

In order for a Bluetooth device to work properly you need the proper Bluetooth drivers to be installed. As with most other devices, the driver allows for device specific commands to be followed. The driver acts as a translator between the computer and wireless device.

The Bluetooth driver works just like any other driver. Every device has its own specialized commands to operate the device. Programs use generic commands to communicate to the driver. The driver then interprets the generic command and translates those commands to the device being used.

To install the Bluetooth driver, simply run the installer that came with the device. The installation wizard will talk you through the step-by step directions. Once the driver software is installed you need to connect the device.

It is easy to see if the Bluetooth driver installed successfully. Look for the Bluetooth icon in the system tray (bottom, right hand side of the screen). If the icon is white with a blue background, the driver has been successfully installed. Conversely, if the icon is red with a blue background, something didn’t install correctly.

If your icon is red, don’t panic. It is common for there to be difficulty in getting the device to work properly. The first thing you should do if this occurs is check to see if you followed the installation directions precisely. There should be troubleshooting instructions along with the device. If not, check the manufacturer’s website.

If you need a driver, the best place to find it is on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer typically creates the driver. They are usually the most up to date and have been properly tested, making it the best place to obtain the driver in most cases.

If your Bluetooth device suddenly stops working, don’t worry, it happens. Technology is not perfect. Sometimes when you install new software on your computer (even if it is unrelated to the Bluetooth device) the Bluetooth device can become corrupted. The first thing you should try to fix the problem is to reinstall the drivers. Be sure to keep your drivers updated to ensure that new features and updated information is working.

Not worrying about wires getting tangled up is a big reason why more people are using Bluetooth technology. Wires can be a hassle, especially when you have multiple wires. Wireless printers are rapidly growing in popularity. When using a laptop it is much more convenient to print out a document without having to go to the printer and hooking up the cables.

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