2014 Year In Review

By admin | January 20th, 2015

There’s no better way to kick off a new year than to reflect on the year gone by, and in 2014 the Technical Support International (TSI) team had some fantastic accomplishments both in and out of the office.

We took a few moments to poll the TSI team and rounded up a sampling of achievements and events from the past year that helped to make it so successful:

** A number of our Field Engineers achieved new certifications and competencies.

– Arthur received his SonicWALL CSSA, Microsoft MCP, and became a Microsoft Specialist in Administering Office 365 for Small Businesses. He was also promoted to Project Manager!

– Scott received his Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for Office 365.

– David also received his Microsoft Specialist in Administering Office 365 for Small Businesses.

– Tyler received his MCSA – Windows 7, and Microsoft Specialist in Administering Office 365 for Small Businesses.

** Some members of our Client Services and Account Management team also received specialized training and certifications including:

– Brittany, who completed an online training to become an Accredited Sales Specialist with Adobe.

– Jeremy, who received his Windows 365 Sales certification, and Microsoft Specialist in Administering Office 365.

– Kathy and Christina who both earned their Microsoft Sales Specialist Certification.

Additionally, the TSI team are all very excited that 2014 saw huge growth in the company. In 2014 alone, TSI experienced remarkable growth, undertook some very large-scale projects for clients, and re-established and re-affirmed important relationships with former and existing clients.

Now that we’ve got the business side of things taken care of, we’d also like to let everyone know that the TSI team has big things going on outside of the office as well! Jeremy and Arthur both purchased new homes, and added new additions to their families – although Jeremy’s was in the form of a “fur baby,” and Arthur’s was in the form of a human baby.

The Louise family, which includes our CEO and Founder Gerard, his wife Mary, and their two children – the aforementioned Jeremy and his sister Jessica, also saw their family grow as they celebrated Jessica’s marriage and welcomed her new husband to the family.

Brian C., who served as the TSI Service Manager for the first half of 2014, also has some fatherly boasting to do. His two daughters, ages 5 and 7, have been involved in Irish Step dance and Ballet, and his eldest daughter is now participating in Junior Olympic Archery Development. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the 2024 Olympics will feature not only Boston as its host city, but a mini-member of the TSI family on their archery team!

To close this out, while looking back at 2014 it’s best to sum it up with some words from Gerard. When asked what the highlight of his professional year was, Gerard said, “I feel that 2014 was our most successful year so far and it is almost entirely due to the terrific people that work at TSI.”

We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!


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