What is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)?

CUI stands for controlled unclassified information. It’s information that:

  • The government owns or creates.
  • Requires safeguarding or distribution controls that are consistent with applicable regulations, laws, and government-wide policies. 

CUI is neither classified information in the traditional sense nor corporate intellectual property—unless it’s created for or related to a government contract. The CUI program exists because federal agencies create, store, share, and use information that isn’t classified but still needs to be protected from unauthorized release and access.

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What is CUI Basic?

In this subset of CUI, the authorizing law, regulation, or government-wide policy does not set out specific handling or distribution controls. Instead, agencies process CUI Basic according to the controls described in the DoD CUI Registry and DoDI 5200.48. All DoD information is protected by requirements described under Basic-level safeguards and distribution policies, unless they are identified otherwise in a regulation, law, or government-wide policy.

Agencies handle CUI Basic as described by the uniform controls provided in this part and in the CUI Registry.

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What is CUI Specified? 

In controlled unclassified information (CUI) Specified data, the authorizing regulation, law, or government policies contain specific handling controls, which differ from those for CUI Basic. 

CUI Specified data is a subgroup of CUI.  in which the authorizing laws, regulations, or government policies contain specific handling rules that it permits or requires agencies to use. The CUI Registry indicates which regulations, laws, and government policies include these specific requirements.

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CUI Specified Resources: 

  • Background information about CUI Specified from government archives.
  • Lists of CUI categories.

Where should DOD employees look for guidance about safeguarding CUI? 

DIB contractors who want guidance about protecting CUI have several choices, which include:

  • Their prime (if they have one). 
  • Their agency contracting officer.
  • The CMMC Accredidation Board. 
  • A trusted partner, who understands the CMMC PROCESS and how to protect CUI.

Looking for help safeguarding your CUI?

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Here’s more information about protecting CUI:

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