Why Opera’s Free Integrated VPN Feature Should Matter to You

By Roger Murray | April 26th, 2016 | Business Operations

Opera’s latest update has introduced a free integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) for all users. With the barrage of stories pertaining to leaks and personal information becoming public, the announcement of a mainstream browser offering unlimited VPN access through their browser was incredibly exciting! So let’s delve into what it all means…

The Roaming CEO: Maintaining a Pulse On Your Business While Working Remotely

By Roger Murray | April 6th, 2016 | Cloud Services

The demands on SMB CEO’s have evolved alongside the growing capabilities of today’s technologies and the client’s own expectations. The challenge many are faced with is how to maintain that same level of accessibility while outside the office…

Dive Into Cloud Computing

By Roger Murray | April 5th, 2016 | Cloud Services

Cloud computing –  simply put – is internet based computing in lieu of building or maintaining large in-house technology infrastructure. In the past, users would download software onto a physical computer or server in the office.  Now with the prevalence of faster connectivity speeds and the remote nature of today’s workplace, SAAS models (software as … Continued

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