SQL Server 2005 End of Support Deadline

By admin | October 22nd, 2015

Effective April 12, 2016 Microsoft will no longer be supporting SQL Server 2005. This means that as of that date Microsoft will no longer be pushing out security updates or hot fixes and, as a result, your organization could be left facing vulnerabilities such as:

– Impaired function of applications based off of the SQL Database,
– Applications that are at risk for security breaches or bugs,
– Backups that are no longer running or viable.

In addition to being open to threats such as viruses and malware, it’s possible that applications running off of your SQL database will stop functioning. When a system hits end of support, the vast majority of third party applications that are based off of the system also stop supporting the antiquated version. The result is that when a third party issues an update for their app that is deemed incompatible it may stop functioning or will not update, thus remaining at risk for security breaches or loss of functionality due to bugs.

Another implication of running outdated versions of SQL Server is that your backups may not function properly. Your backup solution may still be able to functionally run backups of the operating systems and databases, but if your SQL Server is out of date it’s possible that the backup of the database itself will not be viable. This could put your organization in a position to experience huge losses should you experience a disaster (natural or otherwise) which requires a backup of your SQL Server to be used to restore data.

There’s just under six months of support left for SQL Server 2005 – don’t get caught out running an outdated version.

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