Spotlight On Microsoft OneDrive

By admin | August 27th, 2015

There are countless cloud file storing and sharing services (Egnyte is one we recommend to our clients, while Dropbox is convenient for personal documents and folders), and just as many online word processing or spreadsheet apps. For most business though, there is one creation and editing service stands out amongst the pack – Microsoft OneDrive.

One of OneDrive’s biggest strengths is, unsurprisingly, its integration with various Microsoft products, including the Microsoft Office suite. Opening a file with OneDrive will allow you to edit it with the appropriate Microsoft product, and if you have an Office 365 subscription you’ll be able to edit your documents and spreadsheets on the fly, right from the cloud. That means employees who are working from home or are on the road for appointments will be able to easily access, view, and edit their documents.

OneDrive is also robust – it allows you to store not only documents and files, but photos, videos, and music, which is great for someone looking to free up significant amounts of storage on their hard drive. In fact, Microsoft is hoping that you’ll turn to OneDrive as your photo-storage service of choice, and so they’ve created a fairly intuitive and sophisticated photo organization structure.

Although it is a system that is at its best when used within its own environment (i.e.: Internet Explorer or Edge running on a Windows PC), there are also apps available for Android and iOS, and you can pull it up on any web browser running on any operating system.

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