Outsourcing Backup, Disaster Recovery, & Other IT Services

By Roger Murray | September 20th, 2016

There is a considerable amount of time and capital invested by business owners into their information technology (IT) infrastructures; it is often recognized as a vital component and foundation to the future success of an organization. Many hire outside IT service providers and specialists to either supplement their existing IT, or act as a business partner in providing solutions to meet the demands of their company.

The level of technical expertise offered through providers like Technical Support International (TSI) requires a significant amount of time and resources, something that simply isn’t feasible for the majority of small and medium sized businesses (SMB).  Below are a few reasons why outsourcing your Backup & Disaster Recovery, as well as other IT services, just makes sense.

Efficiency & Productivity:  Two things every business strives to improve upon are processes and overall productivity in the name of maximizing profitability.  Managing a network infrastructure, providing help desk support for daily user ticket resolution, as well as managing large-scale improvements, are more than many SMBs can afford to allocate appropriate resources for.

Partnering with a provider allows some, if not all, of that burden to be shifted away from your internal staff, be it daily tasks that are bogging things down, or the more sophisticated system implementations that require experts beyond the capabilities of your team.  We provide support every step of the way, beginning with the preliminary planning where we determine the best way to minimize downtime, as well as coordinating the final deployment.

Managing Costs:  With IT accounting for such a significant amount of an organization’s operating costs, identifying a new approach that saves money can be a breath of fresh air.

For over three decades, we have worked to maximize savings for clients through the development of managed services, which are easily incorporated into budget and resource forecasting.  These benefits are all part of having a trusted IT partner that a business can rely on.

IT service providers are also able to harness the power of their partnerships to drive down costs.  We pass along this savings by leveraging all of our clients as a single entity, in turn we receive more competitive software licensing and hardware pricing as well as services than any SMB could receive alone.

Backup & Disaster Recovery:  A key element to possessing a successful network infrastructure revolves around the backup and disaster recovery strategy.  Unfortunately, most businesses fail to develop a proper plan that protects their components until after a failure occurs.  Being reactive and not planning is a high risk, high stakes gamble with no real winner.  The outcome can be costly, and in some cases, irrecoverable.

In lieu of this, consider a more proactive plan that includes working with a service provider to determine the best solution to fit your organization’s needs.   An IT service provider will focus their efforts on creating continuity for every aspect of your network during a disaster; including software, hardware, data loss, different types of Ransomware, or even worst case scenarios; a good plan will minimize downtime and improve recovery time exponentially.

More Information:  To learn more on how an IT service provider can help increase internal flexibility, improve efficiency, and lower your IT costs while delivering superior backup & disaster recovery solutions, Contact Us today!


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