Understanding The Cloud

Network Protection & Access Is Possible

The term ‘cloud computing’ is one of the most prevalent buzzwords used in the IT world today. Despite the seemingly obvious benefits of a cloud environment, there are a considerable amount of factors to determine whether ‘moving to the cloud’ is an appropriate fit for your organization. Our cloud technology experts weigh the benefits and identify the limitations a cloud environment may present to your organization. We help navigate through the buzzwords and provide the pertinent information needed to determine the logical solution, whether it’s a cloud, traditional on premise, or hybrid based solution.

Lower Expenses Network Access Security & Continuity

Lower Up Front Capital Expenses & Improve Scalability

The days of on premise hardware management are quickly disappearing, making room for much more agile cloud based environments. The transition is in part due to the increased functionality and mobility of cloud based solutions, as well as the tremendous costs savings these solutions often provide. Rather than routine infrastructure upgrade, organizations are opting for subscription based cloud solutions that eliminate the significant upfront capital cost associated with traditional hardware. Cloud solutions also minimize operational costs associated with the management and maintenance of systems and eliminates all together the costs of upgrading your infrastructure.
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Provide Network Access Anytime, Anywhere

One of the obvious benefits to cloud computing is the ability to work anywhere with an internet connection. As more services are being pushed to the cloud, more users adopting the technology as standard business practice, resulting in organizations being more productive than ever. Partnering with our team of experts can ensure you’re benefiting from the latest cloud solutions while experiencing increased productivity and user satisfaction.
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Ensure Security & Business Continuity

Investing in a robust security and business continuity plan is a costly venture that requires considerable capital, as well as expertise to implement and manage. Moving your business to the cloud not only helps avoid a number of up-front costs, but minimizes the loss of productivity from downtime, removes the operational costs to maintaining the regular security/software updates for servers, and provides the assurance that data is being maintained and protected.
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Cloud Services
Is Blockchain Technology the Future?

Blockchain is one of the hottest technologies right now.  Its being marketed as one of the most secure database technologies for data-storage & file-sharing available.  Blockchain skyrocketed to notoriety after its technology being used to protect Bitcoin. Nowadays, you’ll find that Blockchain has moved far beyond just cryptocurrency exchange. In fact, it has garnered the … Continued

Cloud Services
3 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Migration To Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform, among many functionalities Azure delivers solid recovery and replication services to ensure business continuity. But before implementing Azure for your organization, we recommend a few simple tips to making the process that much smoother… Develop an Implementation Roadmap When it comes to implementing a new cloud computing platform … Continued

Cloud Services
Why Hybrid Technologies Make Sense…

The latest outages of Public Internet Cloud Services, which affected millions of Microsoft Office365 and Amazon Web Services users in the US, is yet another example for why I am a strong proponent for businesses to consider a mix of Cloud and On-Premise technologies for hosting their data, commonly referred to as a Hybrid Infrastructure. … Continued

“TSI’s cloud specialists helped navigate through the abyss of buzzwords and tech oriented concepts to help our business become more efficient and reduce IT overhead costs. They took the time to understand our business and to decide if going to the cloud was right for us. We came out of the experience truly appreciating TSI’s approach and relying on them to help guide our company’s strategy”

-Financial Service Company

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