Meet VIV: The Evolution of a Digital Assistant

By Roger Murray | June 2nd, 2016

Every so often, a leap in technology occurs that opens up endless possibilities.  During TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, we were able to watch a live demonstration of Viv, the evolution of digital assistants, from the creators of Siri. 

What makes Viv so special is the ability to handle natural language, you no longer need to recite precise commands in order to execute a task.  During the demo, we watched as CEO Dag Kittlaus fluidly spoke to his latest creation just as he would a real person.  What powers Viv, is a true artificial intelligence with an integrated learning machine that can engage with third-party apps or services.

What It Means

This means rather than utilizing an algorithm like Siri which is more closed off and based on web search queries to generate an answer or task, Viv can connect to a multitude of services, all from the launch button.

This provides considerable advantages when considering the growing number of digital assistants and chat bots being developed within independent each app.  On average, we utilize over twenty six different apps per month, according to a recent Nielsen analysis.

With Viv, you would no longer need to open Amazon to reorder an item, go to website to book an airfare, or even a florist to send that special someone an arrangement.  Viv connects with all of these merchants to purchase the goods or books reservations.

The intent behind Viv lies heavily on the ability to learn from its users, having the artificial intelligence to grow and evolve as time goes on.  Viv’s creators envision it to be your sole source and assistant, personalized to you.

Business Applications

With heavy R&D and investments from all of the technology giants, it is only a matter of time until we see an open sourced software application that will write itself.  Many businesses will be able to take advantage of this sort of technology as a heightened form of search engine optimization (SEO).

Ensuring your business is visible so that the assistant utilizes or recommends your establishment to their users.  It is a totally new methodology to consumer behavior, where a program is making the decision on their behalf.  With the understanding that the programs would utilize open source and not paid advertising, the most likely way to gain visibility would be through online engagement, consumer review sites, and of course social media.



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