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Protecting Your Network Infrastructure from Outside and Inside Threats

With the increase in cybercrime, neglecting to establish a strong security strategy can easily cripple your business or ruin a hard-earned reputation overnight. Our Security Experts identify network vulnerabilities to implement measures that can prevent them from compromising vital technology assets and data. Our comprehensive suite of security services includes AntiVirus/AntiMalware as well as phishing and penetration testing, ensuring your technology investments are secured, protected and verifiable.


AntiVirus & AntiMalware

The first line of defense for any network infrastructure is a sound AntiVirus and AntiMalware solution. TSI provides a number of security products that can be used to mitigate the effects of today’s volatile technology landscape that are tailored to your needs and the exposures organizations within your industry face kept in mind.

Ransomware Preparation & Remediation

Cryptolocker, Reveton, JohnnyCrypt… these are a few of the many names for ‘Ransomware’ which have extorted millions of dollars from businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, not much can be done to eradicate these cyber extortionists but our proven methodology does. Combined with end user education and our advanced suite of security tools, we’re able to safeguard our clients’ assets and remediate the effects of cyber extortion.


Penetration Testing

Otherwise known as ‘ethical hacking’, penetration testing is a service provided to validate your security strategy and address your network’s vulnerabilities. Our engineers exploit network vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings and providing recommendations toward remediation.

Firewall Management

As your network’s first line of defense, it is important to ensure your firewall is proactively managed and that you have the tool set available to optimize its functionality. By combining TSI’s reporting and management tools with today’s variety of firewall hardware, we’re able to provide the 24/7 support, management, and the remediation needed to safeguard your most precious technology investments. We can quickly generate compliance reports, proactively troubleshoot problems, and provide ease of mind. Any and all issues pertaining to the firewall hardware or it’s functionality are managed and remediated by TSI including its replacement at End of Life.


Network Security Assessments

Security Assessments address the gaps in our clients’ security strategies, including a roadmap addressing those vulnerabilities. We review the entirety of the network infrastructure and ensure that not only are these vulnerabilities identified, but we review system policies, how the data is managed, your backup and business continuity strategy, as well as both the email and mobile device management security methodologies in place. We also perform a number of auditing exercises to assess the vulnerability of the information systems including intrusion detection, as well as port and remote access security gap testing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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“Our business is almost 100% IT dependent which is why for over 15 years we’ve leveraged TSI’s managed services to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. Between the knowledge of their help desk engineers and the insight our account manager provides, we truly feel that TSI is an integral part of our team and contributing factor to our success strategy and continued growth.”

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