Google Partners with ESET to Provide Malware Detection for Chrome

By Scott Evans | November 2nd, 2017

Having your PC run free of Malware is a constant challenge that Google has recently taken on in the form of their latest security update to Google Cleanup.  The improvements automatically remove unwanted or potentially malicious programs from Chrome using Safe Browsing technology.  Google has stepped up even further by teaming with ESET to include many powerful anti-malware components.

What Is Google Cleanup?

Chrome Cleanup is a Google security program that scans and brings to the users’ attention the presence of any unwanted programs, malware, and/or many of the adware extensions that cause unsolicited advertisements or pesky pop-ups.   It’s an easy setup requiring only the latest version of Google Chrome to implement. There were three highlighted security features in the latest Cleanup release. The first was related to extensions and settings; if changes are made without a user’s consent, Chrome will offer to automatically restore the modified settings. Cleanup also offers to automatically remove the harmful software when it is detected. The third aspect of Cleanup comes with Google’s partnership with ESET to power their Cleanup security tool.  To receive the update, simply ensure you are running the latest version of Google Chrome.

How It Works?

Chrome Cleanup uses ESET technology to identify and eradicate suspicious or unwanted software on your Windows computer.  The tool operates in the background, with no slowdowns or interruptions to the user with three easy steps.

Detection: When it finds a suspicious program, Cleanup will notify the user & offer to remove it.

Removal: If desired, just click the Remove command & Cleanup will delete the program.

Confirmation: Users will be notified once the unwanted program has been deleted.

Why Do You Need It?

While Google is clear to point out that Chrome Cleanup is by no means a replacement for a true anti-virus/anti-malware solution, as it is only targeted at software that breaks Google’s unwanted software policy , it’s a great additional layer of security that can be easily added to your network environment. Chrome as your browser is now an even more secure option as cyberattacks become increasingly complex, more frequent and difficult to proactively address. For organizations with a more open web surfing or download policy, having employees download Google Chrome would be a great way to help mitigate a lot of the potential damage done through malicious parties.

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