Cyber Readiness – What Is It And Why You Need It

By admin | February 5th, 2015

At the World Economic Forum in January John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, predicted that 2015 would be the worst year yet for cyber-attacks, following a year that saw attacks on Sony, Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, and other large companies. In the wake of those major hacks, and Mr. Chambers’ bold prediction, the term “Cyber Readiness” has been bandied about the media and offices alike. It’s aiming to be one of 2015’s biggest technology buzz words, but many individuals and companies aren’t certain what – exactly – it means.


Cyber Readiness is, essentially, the process of integrating security measures across an entire system or infrastructure that continuously monitors not only threats, but incoming and outgoing activity across the network. In this way, the security rules set in place will monitor not only virus and corruption threats, but also protect against and detect any “hacking” or data-breaching behaviors. They may also be able to monitor any type of activity within the network that could be deemed suspicious or in violation of company policy, such as transferring files to an external source, in the event that a hacker has made their way in – or worse – that the threat is more of an “inside job.”

Although it may sound a bit “Big Brother,” having a comprehensive Cyber Readiness policy in place is essential to maintaining sound IT health and securing your company’s assets, including the private data of your employees and clients/customers.

According to a study conducted by the National Small Business Association, a cyber-attack costs, on average, nearly $9,000.00 for a small business – which is a big hit in losses for a company of any size, but especially to small businesses where budgets for IT and infrastructure may already be stretched thin. That number is also just an average; some companies may experience much larger losses, and enterprise-level companies could experience millions of dollars’ worth of loss.

At Technical Support International (TSI), we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in IT security software and devices. We employ a staff of highly trained engineers who are constantly undergoing continuing education to achieve new competencies and certifications, and are ready to work with your company – either as an extension of your existing IT department or in place of it – to ensure that you’re fully protected.

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