Client Spotlight: TSI Served Rebecca’s Café a Hearty Upgrade

By Roger Murray | March 28th, 2016

TSI recently completed a server replacement and backup solution for a bustling client, Rebecca’s Café. Arthur Lemieux, one of our project managers, along with a team of highly skilled engineers, managed the initiative while ensuring an extremely busy client experienced not only a seamless transition, but minimal downtime.


Rebecca’s Café has had tremendous growth, particularly within its event planning and catering services. As with many growing businesses, technology needs can change; oftentimes organizations find themselves forced to work around the limitations of a network environment that did not grow alongside them.


TSI helped Rebecca’s Café address these challenges by upgrading their server hardware, implementing a backup recovery solution, and enabling the key employees who are spearheading their growth, secure unrestricted access to the information and technology tools driving their success. It was imperative to our team and the project’s success, that we understood the core operations, as well as the potential growth opportunities in order to provide the most appropriate solution that would help accomplish their objectives today and the future.

Once our understanding of their objectives were clear, a new and much more powerful server was introduced, as well as an image-level backup solution.  We paired the new server with this particular backup solution because of how quickly we can restore the entire server in the event it failed and because their tolerance for downtime was very small. To ensure Rebecca’s Café continued operations during the process, we recommended they migrate their entire catering and event planning software to a hosted cloud platform; this not only reduced considerable hardware requirements for the new server, but provided employees unrestricted access and unprecedented levels of productivity. To provide access, TSI utilized a SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) virtual appliance specifically engineered for organizations of similar needs and most importantly scaled appropriately for future growth.


The project was an overall success with an extremely satisfied client feeling prepared to focus on what they do best; providing flavorful dining and catering services to the greater Boston area.

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