What Vendor Does

Veeam’s backup & replication provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of critical business applications and data. The demands of today’s enterpises need to have acess to both their data and applications 24/7/365 with no allowance for downtime or data loss. This power solution leverages virtualization, storage and cloud technologies to meet our clients’ SLAs for recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) for all application and data.


Relationship to TSI

VEEAM is TSI’s back up and disaster recovery product of choice. Founded in 2006, VEEAM has quickly become one of the industry’s fastest growing BUDR companies, servicing over 205,000 enterprise as well as SMB clients worldwide. To learn more click here.


Benefits of VEEAM Partnership

To learn how other businesses have leveraged VEEAMa to minimize unanticipated downtime and limit the hidden costs associated, click here.

Partner with TSI

If your looking for a partner to journey with you into the world of 21st century IT, that journey begins with a single, simple step: give us a call at (508) 543-6979 or click the button below to schedule a time for us to call you.