What Vendor Does

CISCO Umbrella is a revolutionary security product that intuitively identifies malicious URLs, providing an additional layer of security for the common cyber-attacks that have circumvented your security appliances such as firewalls or IDPS. By leveraging its enormous directory or identifiably unsafe URLs, CISCO is able to prevent end users from unknowingly compromising their networks and significantly minimize the frequency of phishing attacks.


Relationship to TSI

As a Cisco partner, we can install, manage and troubleshoot their products as well as access their best in class support resources. This provides our team with the latest training, certifications, as well as collaboration support with their engineers; ensuring you receive unmatched support. To learn about how our relationship with Cisco can help you, click here.


Benefits of CISCO Partnership

Alongside the cost savings associated with Cisco’s expertise and resources, our partnership enables us to design, as well as implement enterprise quality equipment at the business level. Combining their products with our understanding of your business, we’re capable of providing unprecedented levels of support, all while lowering your IT operational costs.

Partner with TSI

If your looking for a partner to journey with you into the world of 21st century IT, that journey begins with a single, simple step: give us a call at (508) 543-6979 or click the button below to schedule a time for us to call you.