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Gerard Louise


Gerard founded Technical Support International (TSI) in 1989 and has grown the organization from a one-man IT shop to a successful IT support company servicing hundreds of clients throughout the United States. Gerard has provided the vision for the continued growth of the company by building strong relationships with clients and hiring a talented staff.

Gerard Louise Stories

Why a Hybrid Infrastructure Makes Sense For Small Businesses

By Gerard Louise | March 27, 2017

The latest outages of Public Internet Cloud Services, which affected millions of Microsoft Office365 and Amazon Web Services users in the US, is yet another example for why I am a strong proponent for businesses to consider a mix of Cloud and On-Premise technologies for hosting their data, commonly referred to as a Hybrid Infrastructure. One of the most common complaints when cloud outages occur is determining the unknown.  What…


IOT Cybersecurity: Experiencing Security Fatigue?

By Gerard Louise | March 10, 2017

As the CEO of an IT company, I often find myself speaking to people about what my company offers and what services we provide. Inevitably, the discussion will segue from technology, to the topic of internet security and privacy.  We all desire complete control over what information we share, but it often feels like it is being chipped away at every turn in the name of commoditizing our daily activities. …


What is The Difference Between an Information Technology Audit and a Technology Assessment?

By Gerard Louise | October 24, 2016

The term Information Technology (IT) Assessment is often convoluted because it is so often portrayed as the simple and easy process of scanning an organization’s existing network.  However, this could not be further from the truth.  It is important to remember that a formal Technology Assessment is not a Technology Audit.   The use of terminology is not just about semantics, but rather expectations. An audit is a required procedure conducted…