eCommerce Security Tips

By Isaiah Bollinger | April 6th, 2017

eCommerce security is a constantly evolving topic for any organization, regardless of their size.  As the CEO & Cofounder of Trellis, a local full-service design firm, we partner with organizations to develop robust WordPress & Magento websites.  One of questions I often face is what a new or smaller business can do to improve their overall eCommerce Security without breaking the bank.  Here are a few of my recommendations:

1. Get An SSL Certificate


2. Use A Trusted Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway.fw

3. Invest In A Secure Host

Secure Host.fw

4. Invest In A Quality Platform


5. Invest In A High Quality Code

Quality Code.fw

6. Make Your Passwords Secure

Secure Passwords.fw

7. Limit Your Extension & Third-Party App Use

Third Party Apps.fw

8. Deploy Address & Credit Card Validation

Credit Card Validation.fw

9. Have A Security Response Plan

Security Response Plan.fw

10. Perform Scheduled PCI Scans

11. Regularly Update Your Software

Update Software.fw

12. Invest In A Trusted Fraud Management Service

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