What Vendor Does

Trace Security is a cloud based Governance-Risk Management-Compliance (GRC) auditing services platform that enhances our clients’ security posture, reduces their exposure to risk, facilitates compliance and improves operational efficiency. Combined with other security tools and our internal engineering expertise, TSI is able to perform complete security assessments and audits, penetration testing, social engineering and advanced threat assessments to ensure the integrity of your network and provide users the education needed to mitigate the effects of today’s volatile technology landscape.


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Relationship to TSI

Trace Security enables our dedicated security services team to provide our clients with a comprehensive and proactive solutions roadmap to achieve their security and GRC objectives.  Utilizing Trace Security’s vast resources, TSI is not only able to isolate and remediate immediate GRC vulnerabilities, but is able to work with you team on an ongoing basis to continually train and educate them on industry best practices.  Click Here


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Benefits of Trace Security Partnership

To learn how other businesses have leveraged Trace Security to address the GCR objectives as well as proactively stay ahead of cyber security trends to minimize their organization’s exposure to risk, Click Here 

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