What Vendor Does

ESET is TSI’s preferred anti-virus solution and used by over 100 million users worldwide. Our Managed ESET anti-virus service, is a proactive security solution to help improve network security and performance as well as reduce the time lost from the manual remediation associated with other solutions.  Contrary to unmanaged anti-virus solutions, TSI’s offering ensures updates are performed and tested regularly as well as managed and implemented organizationally wide.


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Relationship to TSI

By partnering with the industry’s top anti-virus solution provider, TSI is able to leverage their resources to pass along the savings to your organization.  Not only does the produce reduce operational costs and provide a comprehensive level of security, we’re able to improve both network and application performance by proactively managing your antivirus while providing remediation to any outside intrusions. Click Here


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Benefits of ESET Partnership

To learn how your organization can benefit from a true, comprehensive anti-virus solution, Click Here

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