What Vendor Does

ESET is TSI’s preferred anti-virus solution and used by over 100 million users worldwide. Our Managed ESET anti-virus service, is a proactive security solution to help improve network security and performance as well as reduce the time lost from the manual remediation associated with other solutions.  Contrary to unmanaged anti-virus solutions, TSI’s offering ensures updates are performed and tested regularly as well as managed and implemented organizationally wide.


Relationship to TSI

By partnering with the industry’s top anti-virus solution provider, TSI is able to leverage their resources to pass along the savings to your organization.  Not only does the produce reduce operational costs and provide a comprehensive level of security, we’re able to improve both network and application performance by proactively managing your antivirus while providing remediation to any outside intrusions. Click Here



Benefits of ESET Partnership

To learn how your organization can benefit from a true, comprehensive anti-virus solution, Click Here

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