What Vendor Does

Egnyte provides file sharing and storage combining the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. It enables users to easily, store, share, access and backup their files while IT retains central administration and control to enforce business policies.  The hybrid solution, with local shared storage, ensures uninterrupted access to files.


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Relationship to TSI

As an Egynte partner, TSI is able to help many SMBs take advantage of this versatile hybrid cloud technology, to provide their employees unrestricted access to data anytime, anywhere, without compromising management policies or data integrity. By utilizing cloud or on premise technology, TSI can custom engineer a solution based on your organization’s needs, budget and end user requirements. To learn more, Click Here 


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Benefits of Egnyte Partnership

To learn how similar organizations are utilizing Egnyte’s hybrid file sharing solutions to increase productivity and reduce operational costs, Click Here

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