What Vendor Does

Cygilant’s platform allows TSI to transcend the traditional security monitoring focused on collecting logs to review only after a security incident has occurred. It is why 66% of breaches take months to discover, with over 69% being identified by an external party after the attack has already infiltrated your network. The continuous security monitoring platform we offer provides true 24/7/365 threat detection, compliance monitoring, and event log management.


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Relationship to TSI

As a Cygilant partner, TSI is able to combine the collective expertise of our security team and leverage the best of today’s securities tools to ensure the safeguarding of our clients’ networks. By providing true 24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, remediation and compliance automation, TSI’s clients can be assured that their business critical data and applications are well protected and any vulnerabilities proactively addressed. To learn more Click Here


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Benefits of Cygilant Partnership

To learn how Cygilant’s platform has provided thousands of organizations the peace of mind of true 24/7/365 protection, Click Here

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