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Having problems maintaining productivity with limited IT support resources? Are your existing IT staff deviating from their core responsibilities to address simple end user support calls? TSI’s local help desk support team functions to troubleshoot IT issues as well as educate your employees, ensuring they have the support they need to maximize productivity and limit costs associated with downtime. Our 24/7/365 remote help desk services team assists organizations to address anything from rudimentary troubleshooting to mediating complex network environments, all from our fully staffed headquarters in Foxboro, MA.

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Is Help Desk a Good Fit?

Are the costs of end user non productivity stemming from IT problems affecting your bottom line? Are there recurring IT issues that never go away? TSI’s help desk services provide a 24/7/365 support resource guaranteeing employee productivity and that reduced IT operational costs. With an 83% remote resolution rate and 30-minute average response time, you can rest assured that our well-staffed, locally based support team can remediate any challenge while providing services only larger organizations with considerable IT budgets enjoy.
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Over-Extended IT Staff?

Our help desk services provide existing IT teams with the additional support they need to focus on managing their network environments and aligning their technology strategy with the organization’s business objectives. As an extension of your IT team, we take care of the volumes of costly support service calls that distract your IT staff from their core competencies. Help desk is not only a support resource, but a cost control tool that shifts the burden of end user support from your existing IT team to ours.
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Help Desk Support Facts

Did you know 83% of all TSI support issues are resolved remotely. We manage over 2,000 end users who leverage TSI’s help desk support. Average response time for most issues average 30 minutes or less. TSI doesn't fluctuate costs for different tiered support, providing a fixed cost for ticket resolution. Our help desk is local staffed from our headquarters in Foxboro.
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Managed Services
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“TSI has been an integral part of growing our business and enabling our employees to focus on growing, not IT”

– Large Biotech Company

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