TSI’s Annual Holiday Shopping Outreach

By Gerard Louise | December 12th, 2016

For over 16 years TSI has partnered with the Foxboro Discretionary Fund to support our local community of families throughout the Foxboro area. Many of the sponsored families are experiencing hard times and often do not have the means to purchase gifts for their children.

To help with this initiative, we reach out to the Foxboro Discretionary Fund for a holiday gift wish list from eligible families in the area.  Funding for the gifts are 100% raised throughout the year from employee donations in return for casual Friday and free catered lunch.

Our group enjoys a good challenge, so we try to focus our sponsorship on as many teenage boys and girls as possible; because as any parent can attest, teens are far more difficult when it comes to selecting that “perfect gift”.  Each person selects someone from the list and then heads out for a day of shopping!

Overall, it is an incredibly rewarding and meaningful program that not only helps our community, but provides perspective on what is most important during the holidays, being thankful and helping others in need.

Learn More:  To learn more on how you can support your local community, visit Foxboro Discretionary Fund

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