Tired of Managing Your Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions?

By Chris Souza | May 31st, 2017

Trying to keep up with software licenses, billing, & vendors?  TSI is here to help!  Several of our clients have experienced this growing challenge, so we decided to offer – At NO Additional Cost to our Managed Service Plans – the ability to manage their Microsoft Office 365 accounts on their behalf, thus alleviating the burden altogether.

In the end, our mission is focused on providing more time for our clients to focus on their business.  This inclusive service addresses the following:

  • Minimal Administrative Oversight
  • Prevention of Renewal Lapse or Overcharges
  • Alleviates Vendor Management, Complex Agreement Review, & Sales Interactions
  • Singular TSI Point of Contact for All Your IT Support Needs

To learn how TSI can manage your Microsoft Office 365 licensing, Contact Us today!

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