Microsoft Ending Support for Office 2007

By Roger Murray | January 23rd, 2017

As you may know, support for Microsoft Office 2003 ended April 8, 2014.  Sadly, the support clock never stops ticking and 2017 will see another high-profile product reach its end for extended support.  Microsoft Office 2007 will officially conclude October 10, 2017.

What Does ‘End of Support’ Mean?

When a product reaches its end of support, it no longer receives regular security updates and patches.  Security updates are vital to any software because they address newly discovered vulnerabilities within the program itself.  These updates also repair defects or flaws found in the program itself.

With Office 2007 support closing, any new defects will not be fixed, posing a much greater security risk for your business.  If you are still operating on a computer with Microsoft Office 2003 or older, the soon to be expired Office 2007, and it is connected to the internet, it is a liability.

Does it Really Matter?

While Office 2003 & Office 2007 are widely regarded as excellent software suites, however from a technical standpoint, it’s the lack of security that is the greatest concern moving forward.  If the suite is not updated, flaws are not scanned.  Opening a file with the program could mean placing your entire network at risk for infection from a virus, with little to nothing standing in the way.  Even with an anti-virus and anti-malware program running, they can only prevent so much because they rely on the program themselves to be as secured as possible.

How can my Business Upgrade Office Suite?

Microsoft’s Office products come in a variety of different variations.  Our recommendation is to consider Microsoft’s subscription-based version, Office365.  It allows a much greater flexibility, continual support, complimentary upgrades to the latest Office operating system, and secure online document access.

There are many options and versions available however, if you would like to discuss the best solution to meet your business’s needs, Contact Us today!

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