Quartlery Review / Q1 2019

G eneral Managed Services & Support Updates

Submitting Support Tickets: In order for TSI to provide the highest quality IT services, we’ve developed multiple ways to submit tickets;

  • By managed services management tool tsi icon
  • By phone (508-543-6979)
  • By email (help@tsisupport.com)

By using the managed services management tool (that little TSI icon at the bottom right of your screen) TSI is able to quickly associate you to your problem machine and can make the process of calling in an issue that much more efficient. However, you don’t email the fire department when there’s an emergency, so for any time sensitive, critical system issues, or outside business hours support needs, please give us a call.

Executive Reporting Review: In order to make the most of your IT investments and ensure that your systems are performing optimally, we encourage you to secure a time with your Account Managers to review your Monthly Executive Reports. These reports don’t just cover system performance and can also be used to help identify recurring end user errors, forecast IT resources and provide analytics to help make the most of your managed support agreement. These reports are sent within the first week of the following month for your review.

Back-up Your Work: All too often, we see our clients saving their work to their desktop, only to break their workstation shortly thereafter. Unless specifically requested by your company, your workstations are not backed up and require that you save your work on your servers being backed up. If workstation backups aren’t included with your service, please make sure to save your work on your backed-up assets or consider a solution such as Microsoft’s One Drive to ensure you don’t encounter any loss in productivity. If you would like to learn how to best secure your work, please ask-we’re here to help!

T SI IT Security Updates

Critical System Updates & Patching: “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”. It’s of the utmost importance for your organization to remind employees that critical system updates and patches can’t be implemented if workstations are turned off during routine system update windows. Patches occur after hours and a reboot may be required when the users’ machines are turned on the following morning. Every client environment’s patching schedule varies, so if you have any question about your assigned patch times, please feel free to ask your account manager for clarification.

Phishing Emails: Considering that 95% of successful cyber-attacks stem from a phishing scam, please be extra careful when reviewing emails, as the malicious hackers are getting better at deception and senior executives are prime targets due to our access and authority levels.

You may receive emails trying to get you to click on a hyperlink or attachment, which will either infect your computer with malicious software or collect information from you, such as an account or password.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid phishing attacks:

Tip 1: Never follow links, click on images, or open attachments in emails that seem even a little bit suspicious.

Tip 2: If you think a hyperlink is suspicious, you can hover your mouse over it instead of clicking on it, to see where it is directing you.

TSI has a number of security service packages- including end user security awareness training- that can greatly reduce your chances of a breach and ensure that your most critical systems and sensitive data remain secure. For additional insights, please refer to your account manager any time or TSI’s security services page.

IT Security and General Use Policy Updates: Due to the volatility of today’s IT security landscape, it’s of the utmost importance to routinely review your IT security and WISP (Written Information Security Policies) to reflect these changes. Taking the opportunity to review your IT policies can significantly reduce the chances and impact of a costly cyber-attack and help your employees become more aware of their day to day behaviors. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help formulate these policies as well as implement the tools to enforce them, please let us know. You can also refer to our recent published e-book in regard to developing your own Security Policies here.

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