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TSI’s Managed Security Services plans minimize the impact of today’s most common security threats so you can peacefully focus on growing your business. Addressing security is an ongoing, holistic process that includes the regular and rigorous testing of your IT systems, the reporting required verifying your security posture and the tools to enforce best practices.

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About TSI’s Managed Cyber Security Program

In order to have an effective approach in the field of cybersecurity, a company needs to coordinate its efforts throughout its entire information system. Elements of cybersecurity encompass and prevent the following:

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Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

The first line of defense for any network infrastructure is a sound AntiVirus and AntiMalware solution. TSI provides a number of security products that can be used to mitigate the effects of today’s volatile technology landscape that are tailored to your needs and the exposures organizations within your industry face kept in mind.

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AD & File Access Monitoring

Keeping track over who has access to data is critical for most organizations. Inappropriate access or changes to the file system, whether intentional or not, could put an organization at risk of data loss, a security breach and non-compliance. TSI monitors file access so IT or management can take action when any inappropriate or suspicious activity is detected

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End User Security Awareness Training

The goal of TSI Security Awareness Training is to not only ensure that you address regulatory or compliance enforcement’s standards for end user education requirements but also provide training that changes user behavior and helps your organization manage risk.

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Quarterly Internal Vulnerability Management Scanning

TSI’s included scanner identifies potential vulnerabilities and provides remediation steps. Also leverage TSI to deploy and centrally manage security patches to your network and applications.

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Quarterly External Vulnerability Management Scanning

TSI’s scanning services identify potential external vulnerabilities and provide remediation steps. Also leverage TSI to deploy and centrally manage security patches to your network and applications.

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3rd Party Patching

Patch management is an important focus for any organization, but even when companies have the best intentions around patching, they often overlook 3rd party applications. TSI's 3rd party patching to resolve software ‘bugs’ will only be applied where verified as necessary and thoroughly ‘tested’ before use.

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Systems Updates & Patching

Necessary upgrades to the ‘Operating System’ of any of the organization’s computer systems will have the associated risks identified and carefully planned, incorporating tested fallback procedures. Operating Systems will be regularly monitored and all required ‘housekeeping’ routines adhered to.

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Quarterly Firewall Change Logging

Knowing what changes have been made to the firewall, for example config changes to NAT or portforwarding is critical information for IT and management in today's environmnent.

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Phishing & Vishing Simulation Training

TSI's phishing & vishing simulation training applies real-world hacker tactics (phishing, pretext calling and dumpster diving) to evaluate the human factor and identify security issues.

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Removable Media Susceptibility Training

Removable media is a common source of malware infections and has also been tied directly to loss of sensitive information in many organizations. TSI's awareness training is your first line of defense.

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Monthly Reporting

TSI's monthly security reports provide key information on incidents, emergency, and fire
response requests, offences, and arrests. The reports include analysis by mode, location, and indicate trends.

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Annual Security Assessment

Identifies network vulnerabilities, critical deficiencies and delivers recommendations for remediation. We document each step of the process to provide a clear audit trail for reporting.

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Mobile Device Management

Despite the advantages, employee owned devices present a number of challenges for organizations trying to safeguard their networks, maintain compliance, and avoid unauthorized access to critical data. TSI's mobile device management tools and expertise enable organizations to enjoy all of today’s newfound agility without compromising network security or device functionality.

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Ongoing & Quarterly Strategic Review

Quarterly security reviews are now a common compliance requirement. TSI's ongoing and strategic security reviews allow IT and management to make the best decisions going forward.

Security Documentation Generation

Identifies critical deficiencies and control weaknesses, verifies controls and documents each step of the process to provide a clear audit trail for reporting.

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Network Log Monitoring

Logging allows you to monitor what happened to your network in the past. TSI's Log monitoring service can identify issues before they become problems.

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Incidence Response Planning & Documentation Generation

To prove your organization has the capacity to recover from a data breach, transition your written policies and procedures into TSI best practice incident response workflow, forms and testing capabilities.

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Regulatory Compliance Strategic Review

Provides all services required to assess your compliance adherence with state or industry based requirements such as GLBA, PCI or Mass 201 CMR 17.00.

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External Penetration Testing

To evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures, we conduct external penetration tests that mimic real-world attacks to validate the effectiveness of your existing security measures.

About TSI

Technical Support International (TSI) is an IT support and cybersecurity firm providing best-in-class technology solutions and professional services to businesses throughout the Northeast.

Since 1989, TSI has been a leading Managed Service Provider, proudly serving the IT support needs of hundreds of New England SMBs.

The foundation of our success has been, and always will be, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of engineering support professionals. Their individual and collective capabilities assist clients with everything from day-to-day computer support to complex technological challenges. Our most valued assets are the relationships and trust we build with our clients, employees, and our respective communities.
Our years of business technology experience will ensure your ease of mind and guarantee your IT strategy is aligned with your business objectives.

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