What is a vCISO?

A vCISO is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. A traditional CISO is a senior-level employee in an organization that is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the organization’s security program. A vCISO would have the same job duties and responsibilities, however, would not be a regular full-time employee of the organization.

How can a vCISO help your business?

Many organizations are finding that having a strong security program is a critical element of being able to run a successful and efficient business. Here are some ways a vCISO can be an asset to your organization:

  • Development of a security program, including policies and procedures
  • Security planning, management, and budgeting
  • Risk management
  • Preparing for compliance and regulatory audits

Why are organizations opting to use a vCISO?

  • Cost – Oftentimes organizations may not have the need or budget to hire an in-house CISO. A vCISO is a great way to get the services of a CISO, while not paying the premium of a traditional CISO. An organization can also control the cost they are paying for the vCISO by having a defined scope of work or services to be performed.
  • Experience – A vCISO may also have the benefit of working for many organizations, operating in many different industries. Having the experience of operating in different environments can be a great benefit to your organization.
  • Broader candidate base – Since a vCISO can operate from virtually anywhere, an organization is not limited to trying to find a candidate for the position in the local area of the organization. This gives an organization the benefit of potentially having many more candidates for the job.

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