Leadership Team

Roger Murray

Marketing & Communications

Roger is responsible for all of TSI’s Marketing & Communications. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with Honors. He joins us with a vast amount of marketing experience, spanning 13 years in licensed branding for global consumer brands, as well as managing operations within the pharmaceutical healthcare sector.

Today, he is responsible for implementing our marketing initiatives, managing our campaigns, as well as cultivating our social media and client communications. He focuses his efforts on providing content that our clients find of interest, including technology trends, or the latest security vulnerabilities from our trusted internal experts.

Roger Murray Stories

Client Spotlight: TSI Served Rebecca’s Café a Hearty Upgrade

By Roger Murray | March 28, 2016

TSI recently completed a server replacement and backup solution for a bustling client, Rebecca’s Café. Arthur Lemieux, one of our project managers, along with a team of highly skilled engineers, managed the initiative while ensuring an extremely busy client experienced not only a seamless transition, but minimal downtime. Challenge: Rebecca’s Café has had tremendous growth, particularly within its event planning and catering services. As with many growing businesses, technology needs can change;…