Leadership Team

Chris Souza

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Souza, Chief Operations Officer at Technical Support International, provides the leadership and direction in operations and the overall general management for TSI. Christopher is resolute in increasing productivity and efficiency utilizing benchmarks to quantify progress and measure success. He is responsible for developing and executing strategies and processes fostering rapid, profitable and sustainable growth including market expansion while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Christopher has over 16 years of experience in the High Technology Sector. Prior to joining TSI, Chris was a Branch Manager and Director of Sales/Marketing for local IT and telecommunication providers. Christopher has earned his BS in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and his MBA in E-Business from the University of Phoenix satellite campus in Braintree, MA.

Chris Souza Stories

3 Security Services Your Organization Absolutely Needs: SIEM, MFA, & End User Awareness Training

By Chris Souza | June 2, 2021

Cyber-attacks don’t follow a calendar. Over the Memorial Day weekend, two separate organizations suffered system failures as a result of a hack. As you may have heard, earlier this morning the Falmouth based ferry service, The Steamship Authority, suffered a ransomware attack, which for the time being, has halted their operations to a standstill. Similarly, just this week, JBS, the world’s largest meat packing company responsible for processing one-quarter of…



By Chris Souza | March 16, 2020

During this time of uncertainty, we, at Technical Support International, Inc. want you to know that we will continue to provide you with the support you need to operate your business. As we all are aware, COVID-19 and its impact is not yet fully understood and it is a global issue.  In the United States, there are now measures and guidelines enforceable by state and federal governments to help combat…


How to Maintain NIST 800-171 & DFARS Compliance as a Contractor With CUI

By Chris Souza | December 11, 2019

With the recent news that DFARS compliance requirements will start being enforced, we’ve seen a significant increase of questions concerning the role and application of ‘Government’ licensing- such as Office 365 Government or AWS GovCloud- for contractors possessing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Aside from adhering to DFARS compliance itself, Government licensing- notably for Office 365 Government- is extremely expensive from both a subscription and implementation standpoint, and in turn, an…


Two Birds, One Stone: Here’s How to Address ISO 27001 and 13845 at the Same Time

By Chris Souza | September 19, 2019

As someone who has been providing IT support to SMBs for nearly 30 years, there’s one topic that seems to come up with my clients over and over (and over) again: Compliance. We all understand that compliance is important – there’s really nobody on the other side of that issue. But where people start to get frustrated has to do with how unclear compliance requirement can sometimes be. I was…


What You Need to Know About the Government Revisiting Internet of Things Regulation

By Chris Souza | April 18, 2019

I was having lunch with one of my long-term MSP clients the other day, and we were discussing what the next ten years of his business might look like in relation to the technological advancements taking place all around us. He was particularly excited about the implications of the Internet of Things (or “IoT” for short), and with good reason. If you had to single out a trend that has…


Securing Medical Devices Means Securing Networks

By Chris Souza | March 30, 2019

As the CEO of Technical Support International, I’m well aware of the increased presence of Internet of Things (IOT) technology within the healthcare and medical device industries where approximately 60% of such organizations have already introduced IoT devices into their facilities and by the end of the year, are predicted to climb to 89%. 73% of the businesses that already use these devices, are doing so for patient monitoring for…