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Don’t Let The Recent OneNote Exploit Threaten Your Cybersecurity

By Chris Riani | February 10, 2023

We have noticed that malware threat actors have found an exploit within OneNote and we’ve observed a significant increase in the number of malicious files delivered and opened via OneNote email attachments.  Unlike malicious Word and Excel files, OneNote malware and the associated infected files do not require the security prompt asking the end-user to allow macros, thus increasing the chances of unknowingly running the malicious executable.  What you can do…


The #1 Top Cybersecurity Threat from 2022 & How to Protect Your Business in 2023

By Chris Riani | January 27, 2023

With 2023 now underway, we wanted to share what we believe to be the two most significant cybersecurity threats to your organization: Phishing attempts and users without routine end user cybersecurity awareness training. Every breach that we saw in 2022 from our clients was from phishing. Unfortunately, cyber threat actors are always one step ahead, and the way that email traverses from one server to another, is defined by standards…