Get Your IT Winter Ready

By admin | October 14th, 2015| blog

As we approach the end of Fall, it’s time to begin looking forward to snow season. If we learned anything from the five consecutive snow storms in January and February earlier this year, it’s that every company needs to have its IT performing at its best to outlast Mother Nature. Unfortunately, this winter it may be … Continued

Get Your IT Hurricane Season Ready!

By admin | September 29th, 2015| blog

We’re right in the midst of hurricane season here in New England, and while the last couple of years have been relatively quiet in this region, Hurricane Sandy hit the area on October 29, 2012 causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the tri-state area, and closing businesses for days in the Northeast. In … Continued

The Five Critical Parts to Any Disaster Recovery Plan

By admin | February 11th, 2015| blog

There are few things more important to a company’s IT needs than a comprehensive – and fool proof –Disaster Recovery plan. It’s something that probably barely registers as a necessity when a company is getting up and running, and when everything is operating smoothly it probably gets pushed to the furthest recesses of the proverbial … Continued

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