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Simplifying Complex Regulations For A Painless Implementation

It’s highly probable that your business needs to meet some form of regulatory compliance. From PCI-DSS , GLBA, HIPPA to 201 CMR 17.00, or any combination thereof, contending with these regulations to ensure compliance can be cumbersome and time consuming. As IT compliance requirements continues to become increasingly more complex and involved, many organizations struggle to manage the processes and tasks to maintain compliance.

More so than ever, clients are requiring their vendors to maintain acceptable levels of security and compliance as a stipulation to conduct business. To prevent our clients from losing opportunities, we work to ensure their client or industry requirements are met and have the confidence that the integrity of their data is safeguarded.

Credit Cards? Massachusetts Business? Healthcare Data? Financial Institution?

Do you Accept Credit Card Payments?

If your organization accepts, processes, stores, or transmits credit card information, you must comply with all the latest PCI compliance requirements. With penalties for non-compliance becoming more stringent, it’s imperative for all organizations to address their vulnerabilities and align their security strategies with more effective proactive processes to meet the regulatory requirements. We assist organizations that are subject to PCI requirements to ensure they not only meet the strict compliance standards, but also maintain their security processes as part of their operations.
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Are you a Massachusetts Business Managing Personally Identifiable Information?

All Massachusetts businesses are subject to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requirements outlined in 201 CMR 17. This regulation requires all organizations who store or manage personally identifiable information, to possess a written, regularly audited action plan protecting personal information. TSI’s security experts help Identify the gaps in their security strategy by conducting risk assessments that assist businesses in safeguarding data and identifying areas of noncompliance.
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Are you Responsible for Storing or Managing Electronic Healthcare Data?

Organizations accessing, managing or storing electronic health care data are subject to HIPPA compliance requirements. Similar to other types of compliance, these regulations are meant to protect consumer information as well as ease the mind of patients that their sensitive health information is safeguarded and kept private. Each year, thousands of businesses fail to adhere to these requirements and not only is sensitive data compromised, but millions of dollars are lost in the form of litigation, and penalties or in some cases can lead to imprisonment.
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Are you a Financial Institution Providing Consumers Financial Products or Services?

If you are a financial institution providing customers with financial products or services, it’s highly probable you are subject to the requirements set by GLBA standards. These standards outline the way financial institutions must explain and verify their information sharing practices with customers as well as the methodologies used to validate their security strategies. These constantly evolving requirements require a solution provider who not only understands how financial institutions manage data and use technology but are also well acquainted with the GLBA’s dynamic compliance requirements.
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Governance & IT Compliance
Hilton Data Breach Results in $700,000 Penalty

Hilton Hotels reached a settlement this month with New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan following two breaches in 2015. The settlement totaled $700,000

Governance & IT Compliance
Security Awareness Training & Compliance Requirements

Did you know there are over 8,500 different Local, State, and Federal standards & requirements your organization may be required to comply with? This staggering number can come as a surprise to many. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the most common standards which may require your organization to implement … Continued

Governance & IT Compliance
Why Your Business Needs a WISP

Not having a written information security program (WISP) for your business could be putting your data at risk of not only theft, but substantial legal/punitive damages. The laws in Massachusetts enforce strict guidelines to safeguard any personal information of individuals stored on your network. Sadly, many SMBs brush it off as a minimal danger that … Continued

“We have used TSI for the last 5 years to help manage and direct us through the number of compliance and security requirements that come from our vendors and regulatory organizations.  Their expertise and knowledge make navigating through these audits less stressful.  We have a level of comfort knowing that they’re taking care of us so we can get our jobs done.”

-Asset Management Firm, Lexington

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