Do you have a management strategy for your organization’s use of employee owned mobile devices? The majority of today’s organizations allow users to use their devices for email, to access company data, as well as enjoy new levels of freedom to work anytime, anywhere. Despite the advantages, employee owned devices present a number of challenges for organizations trying to safeguard their networks, maintain compliance, and avoid unauthorized access to critical data. Our mobile device management tools and expertise enable organizations to enjoy all of today’s newfound agility without compromising network security or device functionality.


Do you Need Mobile Device Management?

Do you currently commission employ devices that have access to company information? Are you part of a virtual team that use multiple devices? Are you subject to compliance, industry regulatory requirements, or governance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our suite of mobile device management solutions may be needed to ensure end user productivity, guarantee compliance, and protect the integrity of your organization’s information systems. Learn More


Mobile Device Management Facts

  • Over 5 Million Mobile Devices are stolen each year
  • Only 10% report the loss of confidential company data
  • 90% of enterprises use 3rd party applications – 75% of which fail to meet basic security practices
  • Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices will generate 68% of all internet traffic in 2017
  • IT’s #1 weakest security links are perceived as mobile devices, followed by social media
  • 25% of all mobile devices encounter a threat each month


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